How to Get Food For your Dragons

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Since it’s available for iOS and Android, Dragon City has gained more popularity with millions of players worldwide. It’s about being a Dragon Master where you can feed, breed, and take your dragons for battle whenever they’re ready. Feeding is the crucial activity in the Dragon City gameplay which is applied for any levels. You need to acquire sufficient foods for your dragons. In the gameplay, you need to feed your dragons well to gain XP and level up effectively.

Fortunately, there are several ways to gain food in the game

1. Farms

The most basic and fundamental source of food for your dragons is, of course, the Farms. The dragon food is called food gon, they might slowly produce it by default. You can certainly unlock more plants to produce food in bulks by upgrading your Farms. It doesn’t matter what your level is, Farms should be your basic concern.

dragon city food farm building

2. Gift

The social element of the Dragon City is a rewarding experience. You can certainly receive foods from your friends as a gift. It’s very interesting as you can do the vice versa. You might be surprised at how generous the Dragon City players are.

3. Mystery Eggs

Despite harvesting from your own Farms and receive it for your pals, you can also obtain a significant amount of food through mystery eggs.

4. Friends’ Balloons

Another rewarding social element of Dragon City is when your friend’s balloon visiting your city. You can gain some food each time you have a visitor.

5. Objectives

Like gaining currencies in other RPG games, you can gain food for your dragons in Dragon City by completing certain objectives or goals. These objectives may vary each time you open the game but they will keep you engaged with the game and the most important thing is rewarding you with foods for your dragons.

6. Daily Prizes

Like objectives, Social Points allows you to acquire food through Daily Prizes in the Dragon City. Like its name, Daily Prizes are reset every 24 hours. Take your chance with it as you may get a significant amount of food with some luck.

7. Deus Daily Bonus

It doesn’t stop there, you can get food from Deus Daily Bonus in a considerable amount. Always interesting what you get from daily bonus every day. It’s a mini-game set per 24 hours which allows you to get up to 50 gems and foods. Let’s say you get gems, you can use it to redeem foods.

8. Gems

Gems are the in-game currency which you can be acquired by winning Leagues or Tournaments in Dragon Stadium or Dragon Torney, or purchase it with real money. It can be used for various purposes including redeeming food for your dragons. So, winning more games may allow you to get more foods.

Spend your currencies wisely especially for those you spend on building and upgrading. It’s also suggested to get acknowledged with the dragons and their stats before spending currencies for them.

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