How to Earn Gems, Gold and Food in Dragon City

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You Are Here:How to Earn Gems, Gold and Food in Dragon City

Gold is the main Dragon City in-game currency which is used for many purposes through the game. Gold currency is indicated with the gold bar. The use of gold is inevitable as especially when you want to improve your particular habitats and buildings. Fortunately, there are several ways to get coins in the Dragon City environment.


The habitats of your dragons are the eligible gold source. What you need to is collecting and bank them to your account. Since it’s your own dragon’s habitat, you can collect them whenever they’re available. However, you shouldn’t treat is as the only source of gold since it’s actually not.


Being a Dragon Master include being a good trader. You can sell Dragons, Eggs, and other items and get a significant amount of gold for sure. Of course, it’s not meant to be gaining profits for all trades but you can certainly sell those that you don’t use. To some extent, selling your goods could be an eligible source of gold.

Monday Bonus

Never underestimate the bonuses including the Monday Bonus. When Monday gets sucks in the real world, it’s a blessing day in Dragon City for sure. Never miss to log in Dragon City on Monday and claim the Monday Bonus. The amount would vary for each week and you can consider it as a weekly gift.

Dragon Market

It’s no longer a secret that Dragon Market could be the best place in collecting gold as well as food. You can also get more Gold by hiring friends in the Dragon market. It also means trading your goods for more gold.

Deus Daily Bonus

Deus Daily Bonus was formerly Daily Bonus which actually work in the same way as the Daily log-in. It’s actually a mini-game where you have to choose one card shuffled by the system. If you’re lucky enough, you can get a considerable amount of gold through Deus Daily Bonus. Of course, you won’t know the type of bonus and the amount until you choose the card. Well, it’s worth to try.


Dragon City allows the players to transfer gold to each other as a part of the social element of the game. You can certainly receive the golds from your friends as a gift. However, it’s not allowed trade the golds with your friends or other players for real money since it violates the terms and conditions.

In-App Purchases

You can spend your money on gold through In-App Purchases. There are packs of currencies sold through In-App Purchases. It’s the dependable source of gold as it depends on how many fiat currencies you want to invest for Dragon City gold. Even though it’s not necessary to purchase the packs, it offers a wider option. For example, once you’re going to expand your Habitats, you’ll need to buy the space. You need a large amount of gold for advanced expansion. At this point, you may consider investing real money for gold through in-app purchases.

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