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Dragon Black Market is a mini-game only available on the PC version. It’s also one of the events in the Dragon City. There is a witch who will then offer you with Dragon pack. You can see five out of six Dragons in the pack for a certain amount of Gem template, usually twenty of them. The next is about picking one out of six boxes contained with shuffled dragons.

Gem Template

The Gem Template is pretty much like the secondary currency in the Dragon Black Market. You’ll need to use to see the Dragon in the packs. For example, you need twenty Gem template to see the Mystery Dragon and 70 Gem Templates for the Special Dragon. In other hands, you need more 10 Gem Templates every time you want to choose another box as you’re not satisfied with your first pick of the boxes offered by the witch.


As previously mentioned, you’ll be offered with six boxes which contain six dragons. They won’t be revealed until you choose the one that clicks your sense. You’ll get the first Dragons randomly, you can choose whether the type or element. However, you’ll get the Mystery Dragon and Special Dragon in sequence for the last two. The list of the Dragon can’t be changed before six hours. The only way you can speed up this progress is by spending another twenty gems which are very expensive.

It’s not necessary to spend your gems since you can spend the time on grinding in other Dragon City game modes. It should be noted that the only possibility of the Special Dragon is when you have seventy Gem Templates on the stack. If you don’t have that many, don’t waste your gems for gambling. Just be patient for a while until you have at least sixty of them for a try. However, you should check the list periodically as it would be automatically reset within a week. So whatever you’ve got will be gone after the reset, check whether the list has the Special Dragons in it.

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Getting the Special Dragons through the Dragon Black Market could be a daunting task. It’s because the mini-game involves the high investment of gems, patience, and luck altogether. The major tips would be spending your gems in the Dragon Black Market only if you have sixty Gem Templates. This way you have a greater chance to get the Special Dragons or at least some awesome Dragons which would improve your collections for sure.

If you’re looking for certain Dragons in the Dragon Black Market, can simply change the list over the time. However, it should be noted that the list can only load up to 20 Dragons, so you changing the list more than that number is actually useless. Refer back to the previous tips, always check the existing dragons in the list before changing it. This way, you can have an optimum collection from the Dragon Black Market and you can thank the Witch in the end.

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