Dragon City Habitat Building: Crystals

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Buildings are the main parts of your dragon’s habitat no matter what element your dragons are. Each building has its own function to the gameplay. One of those buildings is the Crystals which are more like a decorative building but actually has more benefits to your play.

Here is what you need to know about the Crystals

Money Production

The Crystals contributes to the money production in the Habitat on the radius. It can increase the gold production on the default habitat from 20% up to 40%. The crystals can be built anywhere on the map. It’s only effective for the matching elements, earth Crystals for earth dragons and so forth. The mixed breed dragons with two elements can gain the benefits from two Crystals and double the effects. It should be noted that Crystals would take effects within its defined radius only.


Crystals are actually the pricey stuff but it does improve your game experience a lot. You need to spend 250,000 gold bar for the Crystals. If you have a complete Dragon collection and you want to place the Crystals for each element, then you’ll have to spend up to 2,500,000 gold bar. These investments are totally at your own discretion but Crystals provide a better source of gold bar beside the bonuses and trades through the Dragon City universe.

Types of the Dragon Crystals

There are ten types of Crystals based on the element including Terra Crystal for Earth Dragon, Sea Crystal for Water Dragon, Nature Crystal for Plant Dragon Symbol. Electric Crystal for Electric Dragon, Ice Crystal for Ice Dragon, Metal Crystal for Metal Dragon, Dark Crystal for Dark Dragon, Legend Crystal for Legend Dragon for sure. The War Crystal, Light Crystal, and Pure Crystal are still not yet available. If you have a complete element collection, then you should consider building the Crystals for each element of your collection. However, it’s not necessarily to build Crystals which doesn’t cover your collection yet. Build the Crystals which cover the elements of your Dragon collections.

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Despite enhancing the Money Production, placing Crystals on the map provides you with a huge amount of XP. For each Crystal installed, you’ll get 250,000 XP. You may level up right after the installation. To some extent, you can consider that placing Crystal converts the gold bar you’ve invested into XP. It’s understandable if you gain the XP for Crystals since its presence actually also improves your performance accordingly.

Time to Build

It should be noted that Crystals isn’t an instant building. Each Crystal needs up to six hours to complete so you don’t worry if you don’t find it within an hour. In other hands, it’s not necessarily redoing or refreshing the progress since there is no shortcut to fasten the building process of Crystals. You don’t need desperately wait Crystals finished to build. You can simply take the Dragon Master activities and as usual, time flies.

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