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Dragon City is an eligible monster game where the players are doing their best to be the Dragon Master. Breeding, Hatching, Feeding, Training, and Battling are the tough tasks of the Dragon Master for sure. Sometimes may spend hours in Dragon City for various activities, it could be exhausting and a little boring when you’re stuck in the progress. The developer is aware of this fact for sure, they offer various ways to keep the players engaged in the Dragon City.

One of them is by offering the bonuses to the Dragon City players. The most common bonus in Dragon City players is the Deus Daily Bonus. It has replaced the former Daily Bonus but works in a similar way except with the bigger rewards and prizes. Deus Daily Bonus is valid as per day log-in the Dragon City game. It’s interesting that the prizes aren’t provided in a plain way since Deus Daily Bonus is actually a mini-game.


The gameplay of Deus Daily Bonus is about shuffle card games with prizes. The game will shuffle the cards without exposing any clue of the prize whether it’s texts or image. You need to choose one of those random cards at your own discretion. Once the card has been chosen, it would reveal the prize and you can claim it for yours.

Possible Prizes

The prizes of Deus Daily Bonus are based on the card rarity. The rarer card you choose, the more valuable prize you. Here are the possible Prizes of the Deus Daily Bonus.

Basic Items

The most common prizes of Daily Bonus include food and gold. However, you may get less significant amount these dragon city currencies. These prizes aren’t rare at all, you may get these most of the time.

Special Skills

You may also get the more valuable prizes from Deus Daily Bonus including the special skills. These may include the Thunder Switch, Pure Being, Nail Fall, Ignition, Call for Backup, Gambit, Wave, Meteor Fall, Frozen Mirror, and so forth. Each skill has its own function to support your battling activity.


It’s also possible that you get a large amount of gold. Once you’ve claimed it, the golds would be banked directly to your account. You can spend golds at your own discretion including redeeming items, expansion, and so forth. The gold package as the Deus Daily Prize is rarer than the special skills.

Decorative items

Other eligible prizes are the decorative items. If you’ve been playing Dragon City for a while, the decorative is simply pricey and rather hard to get. Even though it doesn’t affect the stats of your dragons, the decorative items enliven the Dragon City environment for sure.


Foods are one of the main currencies in the Dragon City universe. They’re used to feed your dragons and it’s the basic activity of the Dragon City gameplay. It’s possible that you get a very large amount of foods as the prize of Deus Daily Bonus.

Valuable Items

It’s actually very rare but you can certainly get the premium prizes through Deus Daily Bonus including Gems, Dragons, and even Buildings.

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