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Like other mobile games, Dragon City applies in-game currencies used and acquired through the gameplay. There are seven types of in-game currency in the Dragon City gameplay including Gold, Food, Gems, Experience(XP), Dragon Points, Platinum, and Ancient World Crystal. Each currency have its own purposes and methods to use and acquire.

7 Important Dragon City Currencies


Gold is the basic currency used for various purposes especially those which are related to the Habitats and Buildings. You need to spend gold for your Expansions which progressively increase by numbers every time you require more space for buildings in your island. Millions of gold are required for full expansion.


It’s not exactly a currency to redeem item but the food is what you feed your dragons with. Farms is the main source of the dragon food but the gameplay allows you to acquire it from other sources including redeeming with gems or gold in the dragon market, completing objectives, friend’s gift, daily prizes, and so forth. Feed your dragons to gain more experiences and level up.

dragon city unlimited gems gold food3.Gems

Gems is another multipurpose currency beside the gold. You can acquire gems through PvP mode, leveling up, Jeweler’s Tower, Monday Reward, Deus Daily Bonus, or by inviting friends to the Dragon City. Each source offers a different amount of gems to acquire, the largest possible amount of gems can be acquired by purchasing them with your real money.


It’s a “currency” rewarded for any progress you’ve made during the gameplay. You get experiences whenever you defeat other players, completing objectives, producing foods, being progressive in building the habitat or stadium, unlocking advanced features and so forth. The more you get experience, the more chances you get to level up.

5.Dragon Points

It’s an in-game ranking system of Dragon City which cover the players around the world. It’s only applied to the mobile users, iOS and Android. You can acquire dragon points by getting dragons, that’s the only way by far. It’s not only the amount of dragon you have but also the level and the category. The rarer your dragons are, the more dragon points you can acquire. If you’re playing via desktop PC, the points are still acquired but it has nothing to do with your ranking. You can check your dragon points account in the Dragonarium


Platinum is a specific currency which used for mining-based activities. Once you’re in the Ancient World Realm, you’ll definitely need the Platinum to rebuild mines and craft crystals. The only way you can acquire this exclusive currency is by summoning dragons in the Ancient World which reward you with two quantities of the platinum per hour.

7.Ancient World Crystal

It’s an even more exclusive currency used for summoning the dragons in the summoning wall. There are four types of Ancient World Crystal including ruby, sapphire, topaz, and emerald with four variant in each type including Raw, Clean, Pure, Fine. Each dragon summoned may require different amount for each type of Ancient World Crystal. This currency can be acquired through mining in the mines only.

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