Dragon City Combat: Attack Attributes

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Battling your Dragons is one of the major tasks of being a Dragon Master. In the Combat, your hard works in breeding, training, and upgrading would be tested and evaluated. You can take your Dragons into the battles in the PvP mode or in the Stadium. Combat has the same system and rules through modes. However, winning the combat actually requires a high concern on the Attack stats of the default Dragons you use for Dragon City combat.

There is no official for these stats but they indicate how your Attack performance would be. These include the Hit Points (HP does not refer to the Horse Power), Levels of the Dragons, Starts or Ranks, Elements, Attack Stats, Damage of each Attack moves. You might not find these factors summarized in a dedicated page as they’re spread over tabs.


Each Dragon has its own Hit Points which affects their performance in a combat. It should differ from the Attacks since HP is the attack or hit stats which are specifically possessed by the Dragon, not the moves. At this point, each combat has its own benchmark based on both of the contending Dragons. The one who has a higher HP seems to be superior to the other one.


Despite the HP, Dragons with the higher level have a greater chance to win the combat against the others especially in the PvP mode. It’s because leveling also represent the experience of the Dragons. However, it’s not the only determinant factor.

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The level isn’t the only rank-based factor which affects the combat as the Stars of the Dragon also contributes to your winning chance. Dragons with more Stars seem to have a greater chance to win the combat in the Stadium. In PvP, the player with a higher rank is superior against other with lower rank but it doesn’t directly refer to the specialties or privileges but simply the experience.


Water Dragons could be the kryptonite to the Fire Dragons. Each element has its own kryptonite-element. You need to be acknowledged with the weakness table of the elements. It’s also applied whenever you breed a Dragon with more than one element since the opposite elements won’t breed reliable Dragons for combating as well.

Types of Attacks

Despite HP, each Dragon has different types of Attacks majorly depending on their elements. The stage of tier and training status are two major factors to develop the Attacks. The more trained Dragons, the more Attacks they have which provide the player a wider option while attacking in the combat.

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Attack Damage

Depending on the training status, you’re able to select from the set of attack during the combat. Each type of Attacks performs different damage to the opponent. Each element has a specific name of Attack and damage for each stage of tier and element. The Legend-trained attack is the most powerful attack in the Dragon City combat. When it’s successfully performed, the attack would take damages on your opponent as effective as the damage stats. That’s why selecting Attack move could determine your winning or lose in the Dragon City combat.

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