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Dragon City leads you to be a Dragon Master. Even though the gameplay doesn’t offer certain story plot, there are various activities and objectives that keep you engaged with the game. Feeding is the basic activity to level up your dragons, it requires some time and commitment to raising your dragon especially when you don’t purchase any premium items. Once your dragons have reached level 10 they’re ready for battle.


There is two major battle mode in Dragon City currencies including the battle in the Dragon Stadium and battle in the Dragon League Tourney. Dragon City isn’t a fast-paced game but the battle modes are actually enjoyable. Despite offering the enjoyment, battling is actually one of few methods to acquire gems naturally without spending real pennies to purchase the gem packages.

1. Dragon Stadium

Battling in Dragon Stadium requires a more complex management and the difficulties increase every time you win a match. It’s also called the tournament mode as the gameplay works exactly like one. You’re required to take at least three friends of yours to build a Dragon Stadium. You can use your dragons to fight against others in the Dragon Stadium. You may acquire some golds and a couple of gems each time you win the tournament in the Dragon Stadium. The Dragon Stadium battle isn’t limited, you can enjoy the battle whenever you want.

2. Dragon League Tourney

Battling in Dragon League Tourney is actually a PvP mode like other games with limited time. Dragon League Tourney allows you to fight against other Dragon City player worldwide. Instead of battling with AI all the time, it’s very enjoyable to participate in the global tourney. However, you can’t do this all the time since you’re only allowed to fight in PvP mode three times per six hours. You’ll need to defeat 7 players to proceed to the next level. Each time you win a battle in the Dragon League Tourney, you’ll be rewarded with some amount of experience(XP) and a couple of gems. Furthermore, you’re able to access the higher league every time you win the Dragon League Tourney battle.


1. It’s very important to have a look at the strength and weakness of each dragon. These acknowledge will help you to effectively participate in any battle modes. They’re crucial guidance to help you fight various types of dragons and which dragons of yours you should use to fight against ones.

2. There are some benefits of battling when you choose certain types of dragons. At this point, you may get lucky on your breeding activity. Mixing and matching would give you chance to get rare hybrids even though it takes more efforts without premium purchases, but you should try it. Hybrid dragons will be helpful to win the battle modes especially if you’re new Dragon City players.

3. The best dragons for combat are indeed trained in the Legendary habitat. However, you’ll have to reach level 38 to unlock this habitat. Once you’ve unlocked it, it’s very suggested to improve your dragon’s power in the training center.

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