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For begginers - What is the Dragon City?

Dragon City is a social network game developed by Social Point which was launched for play on Facebook in May 8, 2012 and for download on iOS in 2013. In August 2014 the aforementioned developer made the game available for download on Intel Atom tablets for Android. The game targets mid-core players, allowing them to raise their own dragons and create a Dragon City on floating islands. Source: Dragon City Wikipedia

Dragon City is another successful Social Point’s game adapted from Facebook to mobile App. Dragon City is now available for mobile devices and you can download it on iOS - iTunes and Android - Google Play so it’s now freely played by millions of players worldwide. The experience of being a Dragon Master never gets old and now available in your hand palm.

As flashed above, the gameplay of Dragon City is about various tasks of Dragon Master including breeding ones. Instead of tens of dragon, Social Point makes more than 500 species available in the ecosystem. Each dragon has a particular design which will keep you engaged with the game for hours, days, weeks, and even months. It’s because that you’re going to collect them all while you’re also completing another goals or tasks. First, to note, you’ll never get bored of this game.

Game Play in Dragon City

Breeding The Dragon

It’s probably the centre of enjoyment of the Dragon City, breeding the dragons and training them. The gameplay is started with the tutorial from a former AI Dragon Master. He will guide you through the gameplay including breeding your first dragon, building a proper habitat, and so forth. The habitat is the mandatory element before you can do another task since it’s where your dragon live. Once you’ve completed the habitat you can buy your first dragon egg and wait it hatched.

You might wonder that 500 monster is a huge number, but it actually doesn’t stop there. Social Point is adding new dragon species every week through the special events. It’s an interesting experience to witness your first egg hatching. Unfortunately, You can’t name your firstborn dragon by yourself, it’s either random of default by the gameplay. But don’t worry, it’s only applied to your first born, you can name your next dragons.

Feeding the Dragons

Like Monster Legends, one of the main activities would be feeding your dragons. This activity is important since this is the only way to grow your dragons and of course, for levelling up. It could be your first challenge, you should manage adequate food stocks for your growing dragon by building the food farms in the habitat.


You might not find any story plot on the Dragon City gameplay as it’s the way it works. Your goal, as we suggest, is being a Dragon Master. You’re assumed to be a dragon lover and do whatever it takes to form them up. The interesting part would be the dragons themselves which come in various elements. Combining different elements in order to breed a new species would be nice to try. It might require a separable chapter to discuss it but this would be a limitless excitement to mix and match by yourself.


Another aspect that might keep you engaged with the Dragon City gameplay is the objectives. You might not set any personal goals and be flattered by the cuteness of the dragons but some efforts are still required to grow up them. Finishing objectives allow your dragon to level up faster than you’re solely feeding them.


There are two major modes available in the Dragon City gameplay, Leagues and Tournaments. The good news is that the multiplayer game is enabled for both of them. You can get a lot of excitement from playing with your friends or strangers worldwide.  You are allowed to join three dragon battles per six hours. Even though the battle isn’t as sophisticated as expected, it’s still enjoyable especially when you’re facing a competitive opponent. You may temporarily lose your dragons if you lose the battles.

You might not be able to enjoy these amenities before level 10. So, it’s better you take every chance to makes your dragon ready for any battle before you’re able to challenge certain players. You can either start your conquering against AI or real player.

Social Elements

As other Social Points’  games, the social elements are literally important in Dragon City game. While it’s not an obligation, the gameplay will encourage to response the social elements by providing rewards. There are too many activities that keep you socializing with other players or your dragon. For example, it’s a rewarding activity to visit your dragon’s habitats, visit the dragon cities of your friend, send them gifts, and so forth. It also encourages you to build and decorate your city as impressive as you can. Even though the properties and details aren’t variable as you can imagine, you can still improve the decoration or placement of the building which can make your city unique and impressive.

Social Media Connection

Dragon City is free to play but it also in-game purchases. You may need to invest real money to speed up your levelling. In fact, new dragons are hardly unlocked without premium items. Connecting your Dragon City play with your Facebook account will provide you with various benefits.

Graphic and Design

The designs of the dragon and habitat in Dragon City is unquestionable. The design of each dragon species is detailed and respective artwork. Above all, the graphics are superb and smooth, Social Points has successfully brought each dragon character alive. It accommodates the enjoyment of being a Dragon Master, witnessing a baby dragon grow as a magnificent adult dragon.

Conclusion and Some Notes

Dragon City offers various enjoyment except for fast-paced gameplay. If you’re looking for intense RPG, then it might not be for you.

However, if you love monster or dragons and enjoy a virtual environment, then Dragon City would be your best pals. 500 dragons with new species updated weekly allow you to enjoy the game in a longer term. Like Monster Legends, you can mix and match the dragon species. If you like a story mode, Dragon City can’t give you one but it gives you other enjoyments through various objectives and game modes. The rhythm might be a little bit accelerated while you’re in Leagues or Tournament. With multiplayer enabled for both modes, Dragon City has more than enough to keep you engaged with the gameplay Some premium-based policy may reduce the excitement to some extent. Spending real money in-game isn’t everybody’s concern. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy your breeding activity and wait for fortune. After all, those patients and difficulties shape you into a real dragon monster.
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Dragon City leads you to be a Dragon Master. Even though the gameplay doesn’t offer certain story plot, there are various activities and objectives that keep you engaged with the game. Feeding is the basic activity to level up your dragons, it requires some time and commitment to raising your dragon especially when you don’t purchase any premium items. Once your dragons have reached level 10 they’re ready for battle. Modes There is two major